Mad Men Season 4 Review

First of all, I only started watching AMC’s Mad Men a few months ago despite hearing lots of great things about the show. The first time I saw bits from the show was during Season 3, with the hilarious lawnmower scene and then Souvenir, which was pretty much a January Jones highlight reel.

So I waited patiently for a moment to give Mad Men a shot. This year, thanks to new Latin American channel HBO Signature (the show airs on HBO in Latin America), I finally got to see it in its entirety and it’s really worth the watch.

Read the rest here on YAM Magazine.

As for Season 5 goes, I only saw the season premiere. Pretty good episode that had comedy bits that could rival the likes of Louie and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Looking forward to what the rest of the season comes up with, especially for Don Draper.

Random mention: I just saw The Town a few hours ago. Great film. Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm was great in it. But even better was Jeremy Renner. I wish he could guest star on Mad Men one day.

~ by makeyourself85 on April 30, 2012.

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