Updating my Top 10 of 2011 films again

Should have done this last week, but I’ll add two new films to my Top 10, and they might be surprising picks.

  1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (MVP: Andy Serkis)
  2. Win Win (MVP: Paul Giamatti)
  3. Midnight in Paris (MVP: Owen Wilson)
  4. Super 8 (MVP: Elle Fanning)
  5. Crazy, Stupid, Love. (MVP: Ryan Gosling) *
  6. Pearl Jam Twenty (MVP: Stone Gossard) *
  7. Thor (MVP: Chris Hemsworth)
  8. Horrible Bosses (MVP: Charlie Day)
  9. X-Men: First Class (MVP: Michael Fassbender)
  10. Paul (MVP: Kristen Wiig)
*new films added
Yeah, the Pearl Jam Twenty documentary made it to the list. I got lucky to buy a ticket at the last minute for the only screening of the film in my country. I’m a fan of the band and I’m going to see them live in November. And while Cameron Crowe may come across as a fanboy, Pearl Jam Twenty is pretty much a love letter to the band, but a great love letter nonetheless. You can read my review of the film at YAM Magazine.
Crazy, Stupid, Love. was surprisingly fun and entertaining to watch. While Steve Carell shined as the leading man of the film, Ryan Gosling was pretty cool to watch and more entertaining and engaging than Carell himself. Also, Emma Stone was solid too, same can be said for Moore and Tomei. Kevin Bacon was the weak link among the adult cast.
Brief update. But if you’re gonna question my ranking, I haven’t seen these films yet and maybe they’ll break in later on:
  • Hanna
  • Source Code
  • Bridesmaids
  • The Tree of Life
  • Drive
  • Contagion
  • Melancholia
  • Rango
  • Jane Eyre
  • Captain America
  • Moneyball
  • Senna
That’s all for now, folks.

~ by makeyourself85 on October 5, 2011.

8 Responses to “Updating my Top 10 of 2011 films again”

  1. Hanna is already out on DVD, so…. a good copy of it should be floating around. Same with Source Code, Rango and Jane Eyre. – Drive and Melancholia….. screener. And a lousy version of Contagion xD

    • I have Hanna, Source Code and Rango ready to watch at any moment. I also have Drive ready to watch, but forgot to do so.

      Today, I acted like a true Peruvian (shame on me) and got ToL along with Hanna and SC. Apparently, people around my neighborhood seem to be extremely hyped for watching Melancholia. I’m going to assume thatt’s because of Kirsten Dunst rather than Lars von Trier.

      • LOL, well… there’s a nude shot from Dunst, I just hope they don’t go around the web saying “the only thing worth in the movie is naked Dunst” because I know how weird LvT can be xD

      • Melancholia is also a film about the end of the world. I’m sure that’s another reason why many could want to see it. They’re gonna feel that bait-and-switch thing badly.

  2. So did you watch Drive yet? If you did I can only assume its now in your # 1 spot. 😉

    enjoyed checking out your blog

  3. Still need to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. Overall, I think my favourite from last year was Drive.

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