The Comedy Shows I Watched This Past Week (19-22/09/11)

So I decided to watch some comedy shows during this week. They were the following:


  • How I Met Your Mother (MVP: Jason Segel on both episodes)
  • Two and a Half Men (MVP: Jon Cryer)
  • 2 Broke Girls (MVP: Kat Dennings)
  • Glee (MVP: Chris Colfer)
  • The Middle (MVP: Neil Flynn)
  • Modern Family (MVPs: Ty Burrell and Nolan Gould for both episodes)
  • The Big Bang Theory (MVPs: Jim Parsons for 5×01 and Mayim Bialik for 5×02)
  • The Office (MVP: Ed Helms)
  • Whitney (MVP: Jane Kaczmarek)
I forgot to watch New Girl and Raising Hope because on Tuesday I went to see Pearl Jam Twenty – yet I downloaded Glee because I’m a fucking masochist. Anyways, I’ll run down briefly what I thought of those shows.
How I Met Your Mother
  • Strong opener for the show. Simple plot, but very entertaining with the gang hanging at another wedding. The second episode (HIMYM went for 1 hour before men premiered) was alright.
  • Jason Segel shined strong in both episodes. Hope he keeps up the good performances, but it still may not end in a Emmy nomination for him.
  • Barney Stinson felt stale for the most part of Season 6. In the season premiere, he looked good, especially when he danced with Robin. Kudos to Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders for the nice dance. However, Barney-Nora isn’t something I liked to see on the second episode, lacks sparks and chemistry in contrast of Robin-Barney.
  • I still find Ted boring as hell for the most part. That’s kinda sad.
  • There is hope for a good/great season if they get Robin-Barney on track again and keep improving Segel’s workrate.
  • I assume the season finale will be Barney getting married. The season will be overstreched as hell for sure.
Two and a Half Men
  • Charlie Harper dead is funnier than anything Ashton Kutcher did during the entire episode.
  • I lol’d with the first few seconds of the funeral with the Men-style “funeral song”. Morbid, but I lol’d.
  • Jon Cryer shines again and he had a nice heartfelt moment when speaking to Charlie’s ashes, but there isn’t much chemistry between him and Kutcher.
  • The show needs moar Berta and Evelyn.
  • Surprising cameo from the Dharma and Greg tv characters.
  • Episode was weak in large part thanks to Ashton. The guy sucks at being sad, tries to be like Kelso and it doesn’t work, and his material is not funny at all when compared to Berta, Evelyn and Alan. Jake? He’s still a fucking dud since Season 6.
  • Judy Greer hasn’t been used yet. Wonder if she’ll have chemistry with Ashton or not. I doubt it.
2 Broke Girls
  • Hey Kat Dennings, I really love your tits – but 2 Broke Girls had one of the biggest piece of shit debuts for this week.
  • That hipster joke and mixing it with Coldplay, ugh.
  • Every character minus Max (Dennings) are weak.
  • I know people shit on Two and a Half Men, but Broke Girls makes Men look solid in comparison, and Men isn’t that good of a show, despite being a guilty pleasure of mine.
  • First legit laugh was when Max got tasered. That was halfway through the show.
  • The ending of the episode was nice and gives anyone hopes for it to improve. But given how unfunny and weak most of the content and jokes were, I doubt 2 Broke Girls would succeed.
  • One of the creators or producers of Sex and the City is involved with this. 2BG is roughly on par with the SATC films.
  • I feel racist at the sight of Mercedes and Shane. What kind of jackass thinks “cocoa babies” is funny? It feeds on the idea of “niggas are dumb”. So much rage with that line alone.
  • Finn is getting a storyline of his own. Fuck this. However, he was barely used on this episode. Good. But still, Finn was one of the most boring piece of shit characters in recent tv history.
  • Will and Emma aren’t clicking for me. Emma works better apart from Will, while he works better when paired with Beiste and feels likeable.
  • Will discusses his lack of sex life in front of Sue and Figgings. So eye-rolling. He also gets dickhead-worthy lines during the episode.
  • Sue is now heading for the destruction of Arts in the States. Over the top storyline. Jane Lynch could make this work for moments, but it feels so familiar.
  • I would fuck Quinn so hard until her vagina bleeds. The tattoo is a turnoff. Quinn felt interesting to watch, but I bet they’ll fuck her up next week with Shelby’s return.
  • Rachel and Kurt heading to NY should be Glee’s best storyline in theory. Colfer was great in this episode for the few minutes he got.
  • Santana and Brittany were funny in their lines. Still no sign of Brittana happening yet, but we’ll wait and see.
  • Blaine moving in to WMHS is fucking stupid for many logical reasons. Why move from a private school to a shitty state school? Also, your boyfriend’s main goal is making it to NYC. Good luck at staying in Ohio when he dumps your ass and you’re sticking at a state school. By the way, the song that Blaine sung made little sense and he half-assed the Carlton dance.
  • Great use of Lindsay Pierce from The Glee Project as Harmony. If Glee gets a spin-off with Rachel and kurt in NYC, use Lindsay Pierce for the spin-off.
  • Episode was alright as a whole.
The Middle
  • Fun episode, despite feeling stretched in the final minutes.
  • Ray Romano as a guest star was a nice throwback to the Everybody Loves Raymond days. However, his involvement in the episode felt pretty awkward. Best line of the episode was this: “You know, in an alternate universe, you and I could’ve been very happy together.”
  • Axl still feels like the weakest character of the show to me, despite not being that bad. I mean, Mike, Frankie, Brick and Sue are miles ahead of Axl in entertainment value.
  • The idea of camping for your honeymoon feels brutally hilarious to me.
  • Lol @ Axl, Brick and Sue not wanting to go camping.
Modern Family
  • It’s been a long, long, long, long, long summer for Modern Family. Lily grew up so fast and now she can speak. What kind of fuckery is this? I’ll admit Lily had some funny lines on the second episode.
  • Why does Dylan looks like Peter Dinklage? BTW, Dylan was used very well in the Ranch episode and the actor of Dylan had good chemistry with Julie Bowen.
  • Ranch episode was entertaining. The second episode, not so much.
  • Ty Burrell proves why he deserved winning the Emmys, he provides most of the laughs in both episodes.
  • Tim Blake Nelson was good as a guest star.
  • If you give Ariel Winter the ball, she can be actually entertaining as seen in the Ranch.
  • Nolan Gould is shaping up to have a bright future based on MF.
  • Eric Stonestreet started out as the show’s strongest actor in Season 1. After Season 3’s first two episodes, he’s placed 6th among the adult actors.
  • Episode 2 felt weaker because of the plot of misbehaving kids, but it still had some funny moments thanks to Burrell, Vergara and Gould.
  • Lol @ “You think that all Colombians are criminals because the Colombian necktie is a symbol of violence all over the world?” from Gloria.
The Big Bang Theory
  • The resolution of the Penny and Raj thing (them sleeping together) was kinda solved abrupty and in a anticlimactic way IMO.
  • Sheldon may feel stale at times, but he’s still one of the show’s funniest characters.
  • Kaley Cuoco can transition well in many moods and styles as proved on the season premiere.
  • Leonard and Priya continues. Goddammit.
  • Great and funny homoerotic moment between Howard and Raj thanks to the internet kissing machine. Howard was all for it. LOL.
  • Amy Farrah Fowler was great on the second episode. Mayim Bialik has great chemistry with Kaley Cuoco.
  • Sheldon’s mental health is pretty fucked up and on the second episode Amy hints towards it. Kinda interesting when you think about it.
  • Dunno what else to say, but I think Season 5 could end up being in the same level as the past season or even weaker. I have recently got into liking Parks and Recreation, so I regret not seeing the season premiere. Blame my curiosity of seeing whetever BBT could jump the shark huge or not via Penny and Raj’s cliffhanger from Season 4.
The Office
  • Steve Carell’s absence is noticeable, but the season premiere was decent and better than expected.
  • Some of the best laughs come through Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms.
  • Speaking of Ed Helms, he’s now getting a huge push and he takes over Carell’s role. Helms is popular because of The Hangover, but I think he could pull it off well. Better choice of Andy than Spader’s character for Scott’s position.
  • Pam and Jim had some nice moments.
  • Episode felt familiar as in repetitive plots and awkwardness.
  • I’ll have to check out more to see where they go in direction. It’s a hard challenge to go on without Steve Carell.
  • Whitney Cummings is also the creator of 2 Broke Girls. Guess what? Whitney was also fucking terrible.
  • Nice to see Jane Kaczmarek on television again, but not on Whitney.
  • Script and pilot were very rough. But unlike 2 Broke Girls, there’s isnt any sign of hope that indicates that it could improve.

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