Update of Top 10 of 2011 films I’ve seen

Gonna update my Top 10, and I’ll add two new films to the list. The MVP of each film is included between the parenthesis. I’ll also add some thoughts to one of the films I’m adding to my modified ranking.


  1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (MVP: Andy Serkis)
  2. Win Win (MVP: Paul Giamatti) *
  3. Midnight in Paris (MVP: Owen Wilson)
  4. Super 8 (MVP: Elle Fanning) *
  5. Thor (MVP: Chris Hemsworth)
  6. Horrible Bosses (MVP: Charlie Day)
  7. X-Men: First Class (MVP: Michael Fassbender)
  8. Paul (MVP: Kristen Wiig)
  9. Trust (MVP: Clive Owen)
  10. Everything Must Go (MVP: Will Ferrell)
* new films added
You can read my review of Win Win at YAM Magazine. Really enjoyble film thanks to Paul Giamatti and a well-rounded cast.
Brief thoughts on Super 8:
  • It was really enjoyable thanks to Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning. Great acting from both of them.
  • Loved the romantic moments between Alice and Joe. Both Courtney and Fanning had great chemistry.
  • Great production values thanks to it being associated with Steven Speilberg as the film’s producer.
  • J.J. Abrams directed the film very well.
  • The fat kid was pretty much a nod towards movie directors and cinema lovers, even if he came across as quite a dick.
  • There’s a good amount of logic-defying moments with the kids surviving the train accident among other stuff, but the story can easily make you overlook the negatives.
  • Noticed some references and hat-tipping towards Jurassic Park and E.T.

~ by makeyourself85 on September 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Update of Top 10 of 2011 films I’ve seen”

  1. Haven’t seen Win Win but I liked Super 8 (although didn’t love it). Definitely a reverential film with a nice feeling of 80’s nostalgia. I think the ending was a bit of a letdown but I agree the relationship between Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning’s characters was the heart of the movie.

    • I was surprised at liking Super 8 a lot. Yeah, the relationship between Courtney and Fanning helped the film a lot. The ending felt a bit abrupt to me, but still a good film regardless.

      I have yet to see films like Tree of Life, Source Code, Hanna, Contagion, Cedar Rapids, Drive, etc. Hopefully by the end of the year, I can build up a stronger Top 10.

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