Great weekend for a football and wrestling fan!

Saturday and Sunday were glorious if you love football and professional wrestling. I’ll start with some mentions of football first.

Japan defeats USA for the Women’s World Cup: I know this will piss off USA people, but I wanted to see the Japanese win – that country has some beautiful women. Match was far superior than Brazil-Paraguay and exciting from start to finish, including those penalty kicks. Plus, Japan suffered a lot this year with the earthquakes and whatnot, so good to see them getting a positive thing. If one thing football is known for, it can bring joy in ways other sports cannot do on a bigger scale.

Copa América – Peru defeats Colombia: Yes, my country wins. I actually predicted Colombia to win. Shows how much I love my country, lol. Anyone who has me added on Facebook could say that I’m anything but peruvian. The two goals Peru scored made the goalie look worthy of the equivalent of a Botchamania video for football. We do have a great coach in Markarián, but I still feel somewhat skeptical of most of the peruvian players at times.

Copa América – Uruguay defeats Argentina: The host is eliminated via penalty kicks. I really find Lionel Messi very annoying thanks to nearly everyone blowjobbing him to no end. Uruguay proved why they ended in 4th place at the World Cup last year. I’m sure they could beat Peru at the semifinals, but they tied 1-1 earlier on the CA competition. Muslera is a hero for Uruguay with this match. Poor Tano Pasman. First River Plate suffers relegation, then Argentina is given the boot from its own tournament. Now people want Maradona back as the coach for Argentina, lol.

Copa América – Paraguay defeats Brazil: Disappointing match. Japan against USA (women) were far more entertaining. Neymar (from Santos) gets his ass booed out of the field and the big team goes out. Pele, who praised Neymar, must be biting his tongue hard.

Copa América – Venezuela defeats Chile: I actually don’t hate Chileans like most peruvians do – I got good friends from that country thanks to my dad and the time we lived in the States and I do envy some stuff Chile does – their gastronomy is not better than Peru’s. But seeing the underdog team that used to be treated like whipping boys moving on to semifinals was cool. For Chile, I feel bad for Suazo and Sanchez.

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~ by makeyourself85 on July 18, 2011.

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