Predictions for Quarter final matches – Copa America Argentina 2011

In a few hours, the Quarter finals will take place for the Copa America Argentina 2011 tournament. My picks in bold and red:

  • Colombia vs. Peru: Peru is better than a few years ago, but Colombia is a better team. I’m not expecting Colombia to trash Peru easily, but they got better strikers. As a peruvian, I hope that Paolo Guerrero and Juan Vargas can screw Colombia and pray to God that Guarín and Falcao don’t score against goalkeeper Raul Fernandez, but Colombia seems very solid as a whole right now.
  • Uruguay vs. Argentina: Expecting corruption in favor of Argentina as well as them playing with more aggresion and confidence. I don’t expect Lionel Messi to score, but I think Sergio “Kun” Agüero and Angel Di Maria will make an impact. Uruguay could strike with Forlan and Suarez, but Alvaro Pereira scored more than them in the competition, lol.
  • Brazil vs. Paraguay: Paraguay seems more solid all-around than Brazil, but Brazil is still dangerous as fuck with Neymar, Ganso and company. Still, gonna go against the common thought and side with Paraguay. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Brazil won.
  • Chile vs. Venezuela: Venezuela has improved, but Chile seems like the best team for now along with Colombia. Maybe Venezuela could surprise Chile, but Sanchez and Suazo will give Chile the edge.

~ by makeyourself85 on July 16, 2011.

One Response to “Predictions for Quarter final matches – Copa America Argentina 2011”

  1. So Peru won 2-0 – which I’m glad for – and Uruguay is ahead 1-0. Man, I suck. But football/soccer is not easy to predict and has surprises. True story.

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