Avada Kedavra, Harry Potter.

Just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 at the theaters. I’ll post my thoughts and random mentions about it.

Fair warning: it’ll contain spoilers.

  • Fuck Cineplanet for being disorganized with the entrances for the premiere of DHP2.
  • No trailers when I saw the film. Somehow, the idiot running the projector forgot to turn it on and the first shot we got was the final part of a trailer (read: letters and credits) and right away we got Voldemort at Dumbledore’s grave. Took everyone by surprise.
  • Hermione as Bellatrix… I dunno, I found the execution of it rather awkward in terms of look. I’d still hit it, though.
  • Lulz @ goblin (not Griphook) dying by the dragon’s fire. BTW, that goblin provided some good laughs. But Neville Longbottom topped him.
  • Shirtless Harry and Ron… but fuck the writers for no shirtless Hermione. Oh wait, that would have taken away from the film. Still…
  • There is so much comedy in this movie… and not just from the goblin, but also Neville, Ron and others provided some good comedy. One reason why I loved First Class was not much comedy. But for the most part, the comedy in Deathly Hallows Part 2 seemed fun.
  • No Dumbledore’s past… fuck Kloves. But that was expected since Part 2 was going to showcase the Battle of Hogwarts. Still, fuck him… and fuck Yates too.
  • Snape’s death… Stone Cold Steve Austin says: What? – Nagiini pecked the shit out of Snape. What?
  • And his tears are used for the Pensieve… What?
  • The memories of Snape were pretty good… the final bit with dialogue from a supposed-to-be-dead-in-the-books Dumbledore still living (if I’m not mistaken)… What?
  • Crabbe doesn’t die… but that’s because the actor that played Crabbe got busted due to drugs. So Goyle dies instead. Should have had a black kid that looks like Armond White (just read his review of DHP2 – fuck this nigger) dying in the Fiendfire while they were at it.
  • Neville’s multiuse… as comedy relief, Braveheart parody, crushes on Luna and then channeling Carly from Transformers: DOTM… What?
  • Still, Neville provided me with good lulz.
  • Voldemort seemed trolltastic while confronting Neville.
  • Michael Gambon finally didn’t annoy me as while playing Dumbledore. Still, wished Richard Harris didn’t die.
  • Bellatrix… her death was kinda shitty. I think Part 2 might be one of the few films where Helena Bonham Cartergets buried hard.
  • Voldemort’s death – specifically, how he dies on the screen – has to be one of the shittiest moments in Harry Potter film history. Blows away in paper-like pieces… what kind of fucking travesty is this?
  • Harry breaking the Elder Wand… What?
  • No scenes of people celebrating Voldemort’s death… What?
  • The elipolgue sucked, but I expected that to happen and the film didn’t disappoint in that regard. Still, the make-up for the epilogue… What?
  • Best actors: Rickman and Radcliffe.
Did I had fun watching this? Yes. But the final minutes… meh. DH-Part 1 felt like it was made for the fans. DH-Part 2 felt made for the casual audience. Still, a good way to say goodbye to Harry Potter.

~ by makeyourself85 on July 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Avada Kedavra, Harry Potter.”

  1. Interesting takes… It seems like most of your beef came from how the movie diverged from the book. I agree that Bellatrix’s death (and many others in this movie and previous ones) felt like they just came and gone with little emotional impact.

    • Yeah, part of my beef comes from that. But my biggest beef is how Voldemort in particular dies – biggest crime ever in the history of the Potter films. Still, I do remember watching it at midnight and enjoying some parts of the film a lot. But the final minutes were bad for me.

      Bellatrix’s death felt meaningless. Actually, in the book, most deaths are mentioned, but Bellatrix gets to look more powerful before dying. And of course, Voldemort’s a big deal.

      Maybe I could have liked this more if DH was one large film (read 5-6 hours) instead of two parts. Part 2 wasn’t that strong.

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