Some thoughts on Argentina vs. Colombia

Yesterday, Argentina and Colombia tied 0-0. Here are some thoughts I had after watching the match.

  • Colombia played great and should have won at least 2-0. It was a crime to see them tie against Argentina.
  • Lionel Messi still seems overrated while playing for his national squad. Last year, Wesley Sneijder (Inter Milan) got snubbed huge as best player of the world because everyone loves Messi. Let’s hope people stop his ass in Barcelona and praise Xavi instead, the one person who gets Messi praised by nearly everyone.
  • Messi fans will tell you that he’s still great individually and that Argentina lacks great midfielders to join Messi. Hmm… Zinedine Zidane shined on his own and others have done it before.
  • Sergio Agüero fared slightly better for Argentina during the Copa matches. Guy should be starting the matches instead of Carlos Tevez.
  • Dayro Moreno could get his ass kicked for failing criminally at least two goals during the match. I nearly pulled my hair off the first time he failed a serious chance at scoring like this one (btw, that should have been a penalty for the foul on Adrián Ramos).
  • To be fair with Dayro, Ramos failed at scoring too and so did Radamel Falcao. Dayro’s failiures were far more criminal, though.
  • Lol @ “Diego” chants from the crowd. I’m sure the Maradona chants are out of spite against the Argentina team rather than wanting him back as the coach again. His exit as a coach was shady, but he wasn’t a great coach. Sergio Batista isn’t inmensely better, though.
  • Argentina as a team might be dangerous, but still heavily disorganized. Two ties in a row is going to scare and anger fans huge. I’m sure they’ll probably win against Costa Rica and just barely advance to Quarter Finals at the Copa America, but they’re still embarrased for their current performances.
  • Fredy Guarín was the best on the field. He was pretty much amazing handling the Argentina players and it was priceless watching Messi and Tevez chasing him.
  • Messi seems to fail so hard here that he’s still trending on Twitter as “Pobre Messi”. Guy ain’t broke, but he isn’t proving to be as great when he’s in Barcelona.
Found this on Facebook about Messi and made me laugh.

Missing: A child, needs to be spoon fed constantly or he will cry and misbehave, he is never away from his parents very long and can’t live without us. Please everyone. We need help finding our son…. Lionel Messi. Yours truly, Xavi and Iniesta.

Match highlights below:


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