CM Punk’s promo on Raw

Everyone who is a wrestling fan is going apeshit and gleeful over CM Punk’s recent promo on the Jun 27, 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw.

CM PunkI understand why, his promo [read: shoot] was pretty much amazing in quality and appeals heavily to hardcore wrestling fans in the same way Joey Styles did with his promo on Raw back in 2006. It can also appeal to most WWE fans due to its intriguing nature.

I knew this was going to be a stand-out promo the moment he name-dropped Paul Heyman. And then Punk brought up Brock Lesnar. Lesnar actually is fighting for UFC and Heyman is aslo involved with UFC recently by helping out Shane Carwin and helping Lesnar out on writing his recent book.

Great promo – easily the best thing I’ve seen in Raw and WWE this year – and some of the smart-ass fans think it’s real rather than a shoot. But come on, it’s a work (scripted) despite Punk’s contract setting to expire in July and just in time for the Money In The Bank PPV event.

Work indicators:

  • CM Punk wearing a Steve Austin t-shirt.
  • No shots against Steve Austin.
  • Hasn’t attacked or directly mentioned Triple H or Undertaker.
  • No mention of TNA or Impact Wrestling at all. Okay, he mentioned Hulk Hogan, but I’m sure there might be people out there who still think the Hulkster is associated with the ‘E.
  • Sure he name-dropped New Japan Pro Wrestling (ex-WWE wrestler MVP is working there) and Ring of Honor (where Punk made a name for himself in the indy wrestling scene) – and even gave a shouout to Colt Cabana, but they’re not going to benefit dramatically by Punk’s mention, I believe. If they do, cool.
  • Just when he was going to talk about a Vince McMahon story, his mic gets cut off and moments later, we get commercials and Raw’s over.
  • His mic would have actually got cut off by the time he mentioned New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • To quote one of my friends:
    He should have said he was the best wrestler since Chris Benoit. :lol:

    He could have said he was the best wrestler in WWE since Chris Benoit and it would have not seemed like a worked shoot at all. Since Benoit’s death, WWE has made Benoit a forbidden name.

There’s more to say, but I’ll talk later. It’s a crime “CM Punk” wasn’t a Worldwide trending topic. During and after Punk’s promo, Colt Cabana and Vince McMahon trended worldwide, but not Punk. Yet, fucking Ashton Kutcher did.

If Cena wins at MITB in a way that makes Punk look atrocious, I wish for Chicago (Punk’s hometown) goes all River Plate on the arena and Cena. J/k.

Check the video below:


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