Santos vs. Peñarol (2-1) – Thoughts and babbling

I happne to be an extremely lazy blogger. But a few days ago, Santos won the Copa Libertadores against Peñarol in Brazil.

The first match was a 0-0 tie in Montevideo, Uruguay. Santos won thanks to goals from Neymar and Danilo. Peñarol got an own goal which led to some drama in the final minutes.

  • When the Libertadores ws down to the final 16, I actually thought Cruzeiro (Brazil) was going to be a strong force to be reckoned with. I mean, they had great players and they pretty much made Estudiantes de la Plata look like their personal bitch. Instead, they got eliminated by Once Caldas (Colombia).
  • Well, football in South America is actually a lot less predictable than in Europe (of 5 Brazilian teams in the F16, only Santos advanced to quarter finals and won the thing). Who the hell expects to see Barcelona getting tossed out of the Champions League by say,  Goteborg?
  • Santos, much like Argentina’s national team in 2010, at times seems like they’re Neymar-dependant, but not to the degree that Argentina did with Messi in the World Cup.
  • Ganso and Elano should also get credit for Santos winning the Copa, but Neymar was more important. I may not find him annoying yet like Messi, but maybe he’ll get there.
  • I watched this match on Fox Sports Latin-America. With Fernando Niembro and Mariano Closs calling this match. Argentina announcers, of course they would support Peñarol. A highlight near the end of the match… when Niembro is asked about who would be the man of the match, he said he would wait until it’s over because he wants to see a goal from Peñarol. What a biased cunt.
  • I actually thought it would be sealed with the 2-0. That own goal scared Santos and damn @ Neymar failing the third goal near the end of the match.
  • And like last year’s final, a brawl after the match ends… again. Last year, Inter (Brazil) won and Chivas (Mexico) players brawled because of being sore losers. This time, Santos fans wanted to kick some Peñarol ass.
  • BTW, Pele was interviewed by Fox Sports. Praised Neymar (credits him for Santos winning the Libertadores), took a shot at Messi (plays well in Barca but not in Argentina) and then threw Neymar under the bus (said Neymar had to score 1283 goals to surpass him as the GOAT).
  • Niembro and Closs – as well as most Argentina soccer announcers – sure had fun criticizing Pele for this. I know I chuckled with his potshot at Messi – considering that the Copa America tournament will happen soon, but when he said the bit about Neymar having to score a shitload of goals to surpass him I thought “what the hell, Pele?”. You would think that Pele, the biggest symbol of Santos, would endorse Neymar and kiss his ass full-time. Instead, he sounded a bit like a douche.
Here’s a video of the goals:
And the brawl:

~ by makeyourself85 on June 26, 2011.

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