I saw Hangover II last night…

Yup. Like the title says, I watched The Hangover: Part II at the cinema last night.


This time, Stu is getting married in Thailand. As you would expect, things didn’t went well before the wedding. Stu, along with Phil, Alan, Doug and Teddy (played by Mason Lee, son of director Ang Lee) went from toasting at the bonfire to awakening in Bangkok. Alan’s upper part of his head is shaved, Stu now has a Mike Tyson tattoo, a chain-smoking monkey is found and even worse, all but Teddy’s finger is missing. Doug? He’s fine at the hotel where the wedding will take place. And then they find Chow, who might have some important info, but passes out after doing one line of coke. Now, the Wolfpack are forced to play detectives again and find Teddy before the wedding starts.

“We had a sick time, bitches!”

Yeah, it is similar to the previous Hangover film beucase it shares the same vertebral column, but it amps up the raunchyness and violence. For me, comparing both films was like comparing Jackass to¬†Dirty Sanchez. Jackass had its dangerous stunts, but it looked entertaining and had fun spirit and can be enjoyable. Dirty Sanchez had dangerous stunts and had more of a dangerous, deathly vibe to it and with the exception of Pancho, it’s not that enjoyable to watch.

Positives for Hangover II includes how the film looks visually better than Hangover I, the chemistry between Helms, Cooper and Galifianakis still remains intact with Helms being the best of the bunch, and some clever references to the past film.

Negatives includes the obvious part that this film copies its predecesor, as well as it not being that funny, the novelty in watching this film is kind of lost and the Alan character is a dickhead here. Also, Ken Jeong has a slightly larger role. It can be easy to hate the character, but I felt indifference instead because before watching Hangover II, I read an article of Jeong explaining that he did the first Hangover film out of love for his wife and he was having a bad time back then [read here].

All in all, Hangover II can satisfy those who enjoyed the first film, but I’m sure most would enjoy the original more.

~ by makeyourself85 on June 2, 2011.

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