Friday Night Dinner – Season/Series 1

Ok, I’ll admit I watched this because of Tamsin Greig being part of the cast. I’m familiar with her because she starred in BBC/Showtime’s Episodes along with Matt LeBlanc and Stephen Mangan.

Friday Night Dinner consists about a Jewish family having dinner every Friday night. The parents, Martin and Jackie (played by Paul Ritter and Greig), receive their sons Adam and Jonny, played by Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal,  who visit them not out of love, but because they need to be fed. Also, their neighbor Jim (Mark Heap) stalks Jackie on every episode along with his dog Wilson, who he irrationally fears.

The first episodes started quite slowly for me, but it did got better towards the season finale. The best actor from this show is Paul Ritter by a long shot. Ritter makes Friday Night Dinner worth the watch and stands out thanks to his character, a father with odd behavior and tastes who doesn’t mind being shirtless most of the time in front of his family, being eccentric, deaf and shows funny body language/reactions along with a very good performance. The rest of the cast are between decent and good all-around depending on the episode (though Simon Bird is kinda meh), but Ritter is more consistent in terms of being the funnier character. At times, Martin does remind me of Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. Not a bad thing since I liked Bryan Cranston’s character.

Friday Night Dinner has been signed up for another season/series, but there is room for improvement in regards of Simon Bird and the use of Tamsin Greig. The former is kinda obnoxious to watch and Greig could be used better like she was in Episodes. Hopefully Jackie gets a haircut for the next episodes because that wig Greig uses looks hideous. Also, the pacing of the show at times can be slow. And they’re Jewish, but that rarely comes into play with the exception of Martin giving Adam a book about the Schutzstaffel during his birthday, which made me laugh.

Still a good show and I’ll try to check out Season/Series 2 next year .


~ by makeyourself85 on May 28, 2011.

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