My thoughts on Glee – New York (Season 2 Finale)

Before I review Season 2 of Glee for YAM Magazine for the upcoming LGBT Blogathon… I’ll try and gather some thoughts on the last episode of Glee.

How the hell does Quinn knows a bit more about Broadway than Rachel?

Early on, it’s obvious that Finn and Rachel will be highlighted a lot. I understand why the writers would showcase them a lot. Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are among the Top 4 most followed among the Glee cast (Colfer is 2nd and Salling is 4th). Still, why are they scripted to look predictable as fuck?

Schuester heading to Broadway looked mildly interesting despite the writers making Schue look like a dick.

My Cup song… I lol’d a bit.

“I Love New York” song is fucking awesome and is one of my favorite moments of Season 2, despite the botched editing at the end of the song. Would have been perfect if they replaced Finn singing with Puck instead.

Moar Finchel buildup. Fuck this.

Schue was obviously pimping Morrison’s album. Still Got Tonight sounds good. Wonder if someone like Amber Riley would get a chance to pimp an album in the same way Morrison’s did.

Finchel… this would actually be great if it wasn’t for the fact that nearly everything involving Finn was a trainwreck.

Lol @ the guys singing behind Finchel.

Rachel saying no to Finn and the place where it happened reminded me of Carrie and Big from Sex And The City. Well… Big > Finn.

Rachel and Kurt’s friendship looks cool. Nice moment with both singing.

Angry Quinn would have been interesting… but it was dealt so fast with a fucking haircut. My ideal hope would be Quinn moving away from the Finchel couple. What I really expect for Season 3 is Quinn getting inserted with Finchel. Fuck.

The whole scene with the Glee club being okay with Schue leaving to Broadway and the way it was dealt with was pretty a way to tell the people who hate Schue to go fuck themselves. Thinking about it, Schue leaving to Broadway could have been Season 2’s cliffhanger.

They can’t have Schue leaving the Glee club yet. Assuming Sue Sylvester is out of Glee, having Sue and Will leaving Glee would be a bigger blow to the show.

50 choirs in Nationals… 1 per state… there’s 2 from Ohio. Either it’s 51 participants with Vocal Adrenaline as the defending champion and Rachel was scripted to look like a idiot or it’s really 50 and somehow a state or more are banned from Nationals.

Usher song cover was awkward to me.

Sunshine Corazon… her acting sucks. Could have done without that Rachel-Sunshine scene.

Vocal Adrenaline… Sunshine has a great voice, but lacks the star presence St. James had.

New Directions.. kiss was predictable as fuck. Second original song sounded very Katy Perry-esque to me.

Artie got featured quite well via songs… yet Finn, a character with less quality in singing, gets the lead singing role with Rachel. Where’s the ReWalk when you need it?

Superman of kisses… what?

ND losing is not a surprise.

Jesse St James appears 3 times… and he doesn’t bother to attack Finn after Nationals and fight back for Rachel? Fuck this guy.

Glee could have got away with Santana actually swearing in spanish (example: Alberto Del Rio from WWE) and no use of subtitles. Santana talking spanish took away some of her awesomeness for me. IMO, she’s still the MVP of the show in Season 2.

The way Kurt replied back at Blaine saying that he loves him… Kurt might as well say “eh”.

Samcedes… if Chord Overstreet can make Mercedes interesting and entertaining, give this fucker an Emmy award. I expect Sam to become more irrelevant than ever.

I’m fine with Santana not kissing Brittany yet. Unlike Kurt, Santana’s evolution and growth has been treated very well and without rushing or abrupt stuff. Not saying that Kurt’s storyline sucked, it was actually very good, but Santana had less flaws than Kurt. Both can be debateable.

Finchel restarts again… just don’t break them up and keep them together, but don’t make them that important. Sadly, this won’t happen.

New York episode could have been better. Only ones enjoying this are Finchel fans. Thanks, Finn.


~ by makeyourself85 on May 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “My thoughts on Glee – New York (Season 2 Finale)”

  1. #thanksfinn

    If you check the recent After Ellen and After Elton Hot 100 lists, it’s like a Glee list – it’s scary. All the male cast made it to After Elton’s list throughout the whole list, including many of them on the Top10.

    The After Ellen list sans Tina, Mercedes or Zizes – it’s pretty much the Top5 – maybe Top10.

    Glee is crazy gay. LOL

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